մարդու իրավունքների եվ կոնֆլիկտների ուսումնասիրության ինստիտուտ
институт по исследованию прав человека и конфликтов
Human Rights and Conflicts Research Institute


We cannot always build the future for our youth,

but we can build our youth for the future. 

~Franklin Delano Roosevelt


See the Sights of Horizons and Explore the World with Us!

Are YOU enthusiastic and fervent, do YOU stand out in your community by your zeal and potential? Do YOU see yourself as a part of this world, and thus, a key fastener of a chain that will lead to the accomplishment of a universally vital for your community goal? Do YOU want to make a difference in your country – in all ages and stages of your life? If YES, then you are on the right way – the Human Rights and Conflicts Research Institute (HRCRI) NGO offers you a unique opportunity to make a difference around the world and bring the benefits of that experience to your life and the lives of others around you.

The HRCRI organisation is pleased to welcome inquiries from all those who are interested in being volunteer with us. Become a part of our incredibly great team – a nucleus that provokes new, valuable and prominent changes!

Volunteer work in diversity of cultures, languages and beliefs has always been in the very heart of all our projects, active engagement and involvement of young people are needed to make the most of this and to avoid the tensions and fears. We always help people to attain a tremendous success using “opportunity + preparedness” formula.

With us, you will be able to assist in creating change in issues and concerns that are central to you, you will be endowed with vast opportunities to enrich your own knowledge and skills as well as to acquire new competences and aptitudes, meet new people and build stable bridges of valuable acquaintances, enrich a variety to your work experience.

Only those volunteers who have successfully completed the “Volunteer Application form” (will be available soon) will be called for interviews as the final selection.

Volunteers are also required to contribute 10 hours each month (averaged over each quarter) working at HRCRI during each year to remain an active member.


Requirements to Volunteer

The volunteer should:

  • be active, sociable, communicative,
  • have good knowledge of English,
  • come up with creative and innovative ideas,
  • demonstrate unique approach towards his/her initiative,
  • be punctual and responsible,
  • be able to work in team,
  • tackle multitasking,
  • demonstrate common interest towards the generalized aims of all the projects.

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